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2009 publications by UNCG Biology Faculty:

UNCG color boxesReproductive morphology of Sargentodoxa cuneata (Lardizabalaceae) and its systematic implications.
Wang, H.-F., Kirchoff, B. K., Qin, H.-N., Zhu, Z.-X. 2009.
Plant Systematics and Evolution 280: 207–217.

UNCG color boxesEarly floral development of Heliconia latispatha Benth., a key taxon for understanding the evolution of flower development in the Zingiberales.
Kirchoff, B. K., L.P. Lagomarsino, W. H. Newman, M. E. Bartlett and C. D. Specht. 2009.
American Journal of Botany 96: 580-593.

UNCG color boxesThe genetic basis of transgressive ovary size in honey bee workers.
Linksayer T.A., Rueppell O., Siegel A., Kaftanoglu O., Page R.E. Jr., Amdam G.V.A. 2009
Genetics, 183: 693-707.

UNCG color boxesUrbanization shifts trophic dynamics of arthropod  communities on a common desert host plant.
Marussich, W.A. and S.H. Faeth. 2009.
Urban Ecosystems 12:265-286.

UNCG color boxesHost Culling as an Adaptive-management Tool for Chronic Wasting Disease in White-Tailed Deer – a Modeling Study.
G. Wasserberg, Rolley,R.E., Osnas,E. & Samuel,M.D. 2009.
Journal of Applied Ecology, 46, 457–466.

UNCG color boxesDistribution of hybrid fungal symbionts and environmental stress.  
Hamilton, C.E., S.H. Faeth and T.E. Dowling. 2009.
Microbial Ecology 58:408-413.

UNCG color boxesHoney bee (Apis mellifera) workers live longer in small than in large colonies
Olav Rueppell
, Osman Kaftanouglu, Robert E. Page Jr. 2009

Experimental Gerontology 44 (6): 447-452.

UNCG color boxesThe multidimensional partnership of EcR and USP.
Henrich, VC, JM Beatty ,H Ruff, J Callender, M Grebe, and M Spindler-Barth
In: Ecdysone: Structures and Functions, Edited by Guy Smagghe. 2009, Springer Science, pp 361-375.

UNCG color boxesThe nurse’s load: Early-life exposure to brood-rearing affects behavior and lifespan in honey bees (Apis mellifera)
Gro V. Amdam, Olav Rueppell, M. Kim Fondrk, Robert E. Page, C. Mindy Nelson
Experimental Gerontology 44 (6-7): 467-471.

UNCG color boxesTemperature-sensitive alternative oxidase protein content and its relationship to floral reflectance in natural Plantago lanceolata populations.
Ann L. Umbach, Elizabeth P. Lacey, and Scott J. Richter. 2009
New Phytologist 181: 662-671.

UNCG color boxesCorrecting the errors from variable sea salt retention and water of hydration in loss on ignition analysis: Implications for studies of estuarine and coastal waters.
Robert H. Stavn, Hans J. Rick, Alexander V. Falster. 2009
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 81(4): 575-582.

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