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Recent publications by UNCG Biology Faculty:

UNCG color boxesTracking the Fate of Mercury in the Fish and Bottom Sediments of Minamata Bay, Japan, Using Stable Mercury Isotopes
Balogh, S.J., Tsui, M. T.K., Blum, J.D., Matsuyama, A., Woerndle, G.E., Yano, S., and Tada, A. 2015.
Environmental Science & Technology, Just Accepted Manuscript. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b00631

UNCG color boxesPhylogenetic and chemical diversity of fungal endophytes isolated from Silybum marianum (L) Gaertn. (milk thistle).
Raja, H.A., Kaur, A., El-Elimat, T., Figueroa, M., Kumar, R., Deep, G., Agarwal, R., Faeth, S.H., Cech, N.B., and Oberlies, N.H. 2015.
Mycology: An International Journal on Fungal Biology. DOI: 10.1080/21501203.2015.1009186

UNCG color boxesGenomic correlates of recombination rate and its variability across eight recombination maps in the western honey bee (Apis mellifera L.).
Ross, R.C., DeFelice D.S., Hunt, J.G., Ihle, K.E., Amdam, G.V., Rueppel, O. 2015.
BMC Genomics 16:107. DOI: 10.1186/s12864-015-1281-2

UNCG color boxesGeographic variation in polyandry of the Eastern Honey Bee, Apis cerana, in Thailand.
DeFelice D.S., Ross C., Simone-Finstrom M.#, Warrit N., Smith D.R., Burgett M., Sukumalanand P., Rueppell O. 2015.
Insectes Sociaux, 62(1): 37-42, doi:10.1007/s00040-014-0371-5.

UNCG color boxesA comparison of multiple genome-wide recombination maps in Apis mellifera.
Ross C., DeFelice D., Hunt G., Ihle K., Rueppell O. 2015.
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 109: 91-98. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-11125-4_10.

UNCG color boxesGenetic architecture of a hormonal response to gene knockdown in honey bees.
Ihle K.E., Rueppell O., Huang Z.Y., Wang Y., Fondrk M.K., Page R.E., Amdam G.V. 2015.
Journal of Heredity, 106: 155-165. doi:10.1093/jhered/esu086

UNCG color boxesA structured population model suggests that long life and post-reproductive lifespan promote the evolution of cooperation.
Ross C., Rychtar J., Rueppell O. 2015.
Journal of Theoretical Biology, 369:85-94. doi:10.1016/j.jtbi.2015.01.020

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